Surface Logix Raises $19.9 million from returning investors

Last week, Boston-based drug development company Surface Logix announced that it had raised $19.9 million in a Series D round from exiting investors Arch Venture Partners, Venrock, CW Group, Unilever Technology Ventures, and HBM BioVentures. The company, which is based off the work of Harvard’s Geor...

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Pear Therapeutics goes public in SPAC deal

News Commentary | June 30, 2021

The $1.6 billion deal will make Pear Therapeutics (now Pear Holdings Corp.) one of the first digital therapeutics companies to go public. The SPAC merger will allow Pear to go on with commercialization and expansion plans that have struggled since the relationship with Novartis Pharmaceuticals ... To read more, click here.

Pfizer will acquire Trillium Therapeutics for $2.26 billion, seeking to further boost its capabilities in oncology

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Trillium is a developer of a novel immunotherapy solution that targets a molecule called CD47 on cancer cells. In healthy cells, CD47 plays a part in displaying a "don't‑eat‑me" signal to the immune system. Malignant cancer cells display these molecules on their surface to evade the immune system. ... Not part of subscription

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The company will be going public through a special purpose acquisition company known as Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp. Akili Interactive will use the expected cash proceeds to support the rollout of their U.S. FDA‑approved pediatric ADHD therapeutic, EndeavorRx. With EndeavorRX, Akili is ... Not part of subscription