M&A heating up among solar thermal technology developers

This week saw 2010's first concentration of M&A activity in the solar market. First, French nuclear power giant Areva acquired Ausra, a linear Fresnel lens solar thermal plant equipment supplier. Ausra struggled in early 2009 as investment in solar thermal installations all but halted (see the Febru...

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Ormat to acquire 67.5 MW geothermal assets in Nevada and a transmission line to California for $377 million

News Commentary | May 31, 2021

Ormat Technologies is acquiring Terra‑Gen's two operating geothermal power plants in Nevada, including the 56 MW Dixie Valley plant and the 11.5 MW Beowawe plant, along with an underutilized transmission line (300 MW to 400 MW) connecting Dixie Valley to California. The $377 million deal marks the ... Not part of subscription

Newheat raises €7 million to advance solar heat and waste-heat recovery

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Prior to the recently announced funding, the French startup had raised €1.8 million in 2017 and €15 million in 2020. The company has five projects completed and two under construction, including one paper mill, two food processing plants, one brickyard, two district heating networks, and one large‑... To read more, click here.

Erthos raises USD 17 million to get a dubious solar technology on its feet

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