Polyera embarks on agressive technology development path with clear objective in mind

While traveling in Chicagoland this week, we dropped in on Polyera to chat with CEO Phil Inagaki. The company is located in the newly opened Illinois Science and Technology Park, in the same building with another notable nanotechnology company, Nanoink, and surrounded by high-tech neighbors. After w...

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Tohoku University researchers produce MOFs as a thin film instead of the usual powder form

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During manufacturing, MOFs are typically produced as a powder. However, for most application areas, a different form factor is required, and films are the most desired form for application to sensors and other parts. Post‑processing is a difficult stage for manufacturing MOFs, as it can reduce ... Not part of subscription

Asahi Kasei claims to improve yields in CO₂-to-isocyanate process

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Isocyanates – one of the two building blocks of polyurethanes – are generally more challenging to make sustainable than polyols. The innovation focuses on increasing the yield of the urea‑hexamethylenediamine reaction; this approach is promising, as is leverages a material that already uses CO­2 at ... To read more, click here.

Polaris Renewables

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Low‑carbon and isocyanate‑free alternative to PURs, avoiding the health concerns of conventional production processes; claims its NIPUs will be cost‑competitive at a scale of 10,000 tpa, though it remains far from proving this out Has negotiated an exclusive license from NREL for its NIPU ... Not part of subscription