Is Khosla cursed? PAX Streamline flames out and Calera's investors dumping shares

We recently learned that Pax Streamline, a joint venture between Pax Scientific and Khosla Ventures, has gone bust. The company, funded by Khosla in 2008 and recipient of several million in stimulus cash in 2009, focused on using cues from nature to improve airflow in a number of applications. The c...

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Elon Musk announces $100 million carbon capture technology contest; details to come next week

News Commentary | January 22, 2021

Yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted that he will donate $100 million to the developer of the "best carbon capture technology." While Musk is known for his Twitter antics, this one caught our eye for two reasons. First, $100 million for a single startup will be one of the largest rounds to date for a carbon... To read more, click here.

Venture firm 2150 launches with €200 million to reduce emissions from cities

News Commentary | March 04, 2021

The new firm aims to back companies innovating on the "urban stack," with an eye toward lowering the carbon emissions from cities. With backers from real estate, industry, and government, its initial fund has already invested in CO2‑capturing concrete developer CarbonCure Technologies. If 2150 ... Not part of subscription

Solidia raises $78 million and names new CEO – will these developments finally lead to commercialization?

News Commentary | May 06, 2021

Solidia Technologies has a new CEO, Bryan Kalbfleisch, along with $78 million more in funding from Imperative Ventures, Zero Carbon Partners, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures, along with existing investors. The company has a promising technology, but the lack of scale‑up and commercialization ... Not part of subscription