Growth-seeking electronics giants Samsung, Fujifilm, and IBM investing billions to invade biopharma

We’ve long tracked the trend of food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies like Unilever and Clinique (see the November 25, 2008 LRBJ and the report “How to Evaluate Emerging Targeted Delivery Technologies”) entering the medical delivery space. But a more unlikely cross-industry combination is...

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Singaporean precision medicine startup Hummingbird Bioscience nets $125 million in Series C funding led by Novo Holdings

News Commentary | May 24, 2021

This will further expand Hummingbird's proprietary Rational Antibody Discovery (RAD) platform for novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. The market for therapeutic antibodies is rapidly growing, as new drugs have been approved for treating various human diseases, including many cancers and ... Not part of subscription

Sanofi acquires mRNA therapeutics company Translate Bio for a whopping $3.2 billion

News Commentary | August 04, 2021

Sanofi has faced setbacks in trying to develop vaccines against COVID‑19, with clinical trials demonstrating a failure in triggering an immune response. This buyout of Translate Bio suggests a shift in strategy to push forward a full pipeline of mRNA therapies. This move will cause other pharma ... Not part of subscription

Pfizer will acquire Trillium Therapeutics for $2.26 billion, seeking to further boost its capabilities in oncology

News Commentary | August 27, 2021

Trillium is a developer of a novel immunotherapy solution that targets a molecule called CD47 on cancer cells. In healthy cells, CD47 plays a part in displaying a "don't‑eat‑me" signal to the immune system. Malignant cancer cells display these molecules on their surface to evade the immune system. ... Not part of subscription