China’s well-meaning but impractical wall-insulation policy a roadblock for the construction industry

According to File 65 issued by China’s Ministry of Public Security in March, civilian constructions are now required to adopt Level-A, or fireproof, wall-insulation materials. (China classifies its construction materials as Level-A “fireproof," Level-B1 “fire resistive," Level-B2 “burnable,” and Lev...

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Aramco partners with XDM 3D Printing for metal printing technology development in Saudi Arabia

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XDM specializes in large‑sized powder bed laser melting printers. The company has a strong portfolio of domestic aerospace customers (like CASIC and AVIC), which explains why it caught the attention of Aramco. The case of XDM resonates with our view in the "Made in China 2025" report that Chinese 3D... Not part of subscription

Branch Technology creates 3D-printed composite building façade

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Sinopec announces plans to become China's largest hydrogen energy company in response to China's 14th Five-Year Plan

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One of Lux's top predictions for 2021 was that China would triple global green hydrogen capacity by 2025. While it remains to be seen where Sinopec plans to fit in China's hydrogen economy, it will start by building 1,000 hydrogen fueling stations by 2025. Lofty claims are common from China, ... To read more, click here.