China is accelerating its charging infrastructure construction for electric vehicles

On September 22, 2011, General Electric (GE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with General Motors (GM) to jointly deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in China. The focal point of the agreement centers on Shanghai, selected by the Chinese government as its first EV pilot ba...

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AutoX is the first autonomous vehicle company to provide fully driverless rides to the Chinese public

News Commentary | February 03, 2021

AutoX is now providing autonomous robotaxi rides to the public without safety drivers in Shenzhen. The company is the first to offer such rides to the public in China and follows Waymo, which was the first to offer public rides in October of last year. AutoX has steadily advanced to this milestone ... Not part of subscription

JAC launches two swapping-enabled BEVs in China with a focus on taxis

News Commentary | June 11, 2021

Though the company is the manufacturing partner of Nio, an early pioneer in battery swapping networks supporting nonfleet vehicles, JAC's models will be sold into the taxi market. Unlike Nio's current vehicles, JAC's will be powered by smaller 44.5 kWh battery packs using LFP cathodes, but they will... Not part of subscription

Ridesharing platform Ruqi Mobility raises USD 153 million to scale robotaxi fleet

News Commentary | May 06, 2022

The Series A funding round was led by Ruqi Mobility's holding company, Guangzhou Automobile group, and included autonomous vehicle (AV) companies and WeRide among others. Ruqi intends to use the capital to develop its robotaxi services by expanding its fleet to over 200 vehicles by the end ... Not part of subscription