New domestic alliance brings development and industrialization process of fuel cell vehicles into focus

In early January, China's Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology Alliance (FCVTA) and Advanced Surface Transportation Innovation Alliance were founded. The FCVTA is composed of four local top universities – Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University of Technology, and Chongqing University –  and...

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U.K. unveils its National Hydrogen Strategy

News Commentary | August 23, 2021

The full National Hydrogen Strategy can be viewed here. The U.K. intends to build a hydrogen economy worth $1.2 billion and produce up to 5 GW of hydrogen by 2030. Key to the economy is the development of blue hydrogen (unlike its European peers, which favor green hydrogen) and the blending of ... Not part of subscription

U.K. officially launches its hydrogen strategy, committing to "thriving hydrogen economy" in U.K. by 2030

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