Feedstocks on the mind at the Advanced Biofuels Summit

Much like at the World Biofuel Markets Congress in Rotterdam last month (see the March 27, 2012 LRAFJ), feedstocks were on everyone's mind at last week's Advanced Biofuels Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. Presenters discussed wood, waste, energy crops, algae, corn, jatropha, and others, while th...

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Regulatory support for synthetic fuels in Germany comes close to becoming reality

News Commentary | May 24, 2021

The German government and aviation representatives agreed to explore the introduction of a blending quota of up to 2% for synthetic fuels in the local German aviation sector by 2030. This is merely a plan and not yet reality, but it is an important step, as synthetic fuels needs regulatory support ... Not part of subscription

Fulcrum BioEnergy completes construction of Sierra plant; all hope for FT SAF hinges on successful ramp-up over next 18 months

News Commentary | July 08, 2021

The 10 MGY Sierra plant will be critical not only for Fulcrum but for the overall outlook of Fischer‑Tropsch (FT)‑derived sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). On paper, Fulcrum has assembled a stellar group of partners covering the entire value chain, but all eyes will be on the facility's scale‑up, set... Not part of subscription

Turkey's ban on plastic waste imports comes into effect

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