China offers to build nuclear power plants in the UK

A meeting was recently held between Shanghai Nuclear Engineering & Research Institute, a subsidiary of the State Nuclear Power Technology (SNPTC) and British officials regarding a plan for Chinese nuclear power engineering companies to construct nuclear power plants in UK. Two Chinese state-owned nu...

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Aramco partners with XDM 3D Printing for metal printing technology development in Saudi Arabia

News Commentary | December 15, 2020

XDM specializes in large‑sized powder bed laser melting printers. The company has a strong portfolio of domestic aerospace customers (like CASIC and AVIC), which explains why it caught the attention of Aramco. The case of XDM resonates with our view in the "Made in China 2025" report that Chinese 3D... Not part of subscription

Japan's METI announces financial support for overseas CCS projects

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Canadian grid operator and partners boost local energy market models with $2.7 million ($3.4 million Canadian) smart grid grant

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