Creative financing allows Bloom Energy to make power moves into Delaware, but not without controversy

We spoke at the Infrastructure Investor Energy Summit Conference October 2 and October 3 in New York City and saw a presentation by Bloom Energy detailing the intricacies of its debt financing with RBS involved in its "Eagle" project in the U.S. state of Delaware. Bloom Energy has long been touting ...

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New Italian initiative launched to decarbonize steel plant with green hydrogen

News Commentary | January 20, 2021

Tenaris, Edison, and Snam will collaborate to investigate the adoption of hydrogen to decarbonize Tenaris' steel plant in Dalmine, Italy. The hydrogen will come from a 20 MW electrolyzer and will replace natural gas in the steelmaking process. Hydrogen is one of the leading option for decarbonizing ... Not part of subscription

NEL to provide 20 MW electrolyzer to green ammonia project in Spain

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Iberdrola and Fertiberia chose NEL's PEM electrolyzer for their upcoming green ammonia project in Puertollano, Spain – the two companies announced the $175 million project last year. While the electrolyzer capacity is 20 MW, the companies may ramp up capacity to match the planned 100 MW photovoltaic... Not part of subscription

Home Power Solutions partners with German property developer to install residential hydrogen storage system

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Home Power Solutions partnered with Hausdorf to deploy Picea, a hydrogen‑based electricity storage system, to 12 residential homes in Munich. The houses will be coupled with a brine water heat pump powered by electricity generated from the stored hydrogen via a fuel cell. Alternatively, hybrid heat ... Not part of subscription