Andeavor to convert 20,000 bpd petroleum refinery to 12,000 bpd renewable diesel refinery

August 29, 2018
Owning the Energy Transition More...
by Runeel Daliah
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Andeavor recently announced it will convert its 20,000 barrel per day (bpd) petroleum refinery in North Dakota, U.S., into a 12,000 bpd renewable diesel refinery by 2020. The company previously announced only a partial conversion to co-refining back in 2017 but is now pushing forward to full conversion. Andeavor is not the first in the world to execute such a project. In 2014, Eni in Italy converted an oil refinery into a renewable diesel refinery using UOP's technology. Total is doing the same at La Mède refinery in France. As demand for renewable diesel grows, we expect surging interest from oil refiners and more such projects to be announced in the next two years. 

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