Samsung's prototype for a phone with a flexible display is built on material and component innovations

November 7, 2018
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Flexible displays | OLED
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by Lewie Roberts
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Samsung's prototype features a 180° AMOLED folding display that can be opened for viewing, much like a book. In addition to the use of OLED technology to enable the flexible display, Samsung noted three additional changes it made. The company is using an undisclosed composite polymer in lieu of a glass cover; it also uses a new adhesive that it claims can be folded hundreds of thousands of times and a thinner polarizer than those used in Samsung's previous displays. While it is unclear if foldable phones will find traction with consumers, with announcements from multiple players (ranging in size from Royole to Lenovo) and support from the Android OS, expect demand for flexible display materials to rise in the coming months.

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