DSM and Cargill join forces to bring fermentation-based stevia to the market

November 09, 2018
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DSM and Cargill recently announced a joint venture (JV), "Avansya," to commercialize next-generation stevia rebaudiosides Reb M and Reb D. As a part of this 50-50 JV, the companies hope to combine DSM's strain development expertise and Cargill's large-scale fermentation capacity to bring fermentation-based rebaudiosides to the market under the "EverSweet" brand. The exact details of this JV will be finalized by Q1 2019. Currently, it remains unclear how this JV will affect Cargill's previous licensing agreement with Evolva, but Cargill's commercialization timeline was significantly delayed due to problems with strain optimization. Clients should note that this JV is likely to expedite the launch of the fermentation-derived stevia product.

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