Merck invests in animal health tracking and monitoring with $2.4 billion acquisition of Antelliq

December 18, 2018
Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health More...
by Joshua Haslun
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The acquisition comes after other players in the livestock health and production industry (e.g., Cargill) have strategically invested in animal health monitoring and tracking technology. Antelliq develops a wide array of animal health monitoring solutions for livestock, pet care, and aquaculture. Antelliq will be a wholly owned and separately operated subsidiary within Merck's animal health business unit. Antelliq provides Merck with a large client pool, which previously generated $360 million in annual revenue (while amassing $1.3 billion in debt). Even so, Antelliq's technologies complement Merck's health products, and therefore, clients should consider this a savvy move by Merck to strengthen its position in the animal health sector.

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