BASF exits its JV with Avantium, Synvina

December 18, 2018
Last Updated:
December 18, 2018
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by Gihan Hewage
Truly disruptive

Following its dispute with Avantium, BASF notified Avantium it would be exiting their JV, Synvina, rendering Synvina a wholly owned subsidiary of Avantium. While PEF has stood out in the bio-based polymer space for having improved performance over incumbents for specific applications (such as multilayer plastics replacement), this announcement could prove fatal for its commercialization. Avantium still has strong partnerships throughout its value chain, but BASF was critical in bringing this technology to a commercial scale for both financial contributions and technical expertise in scaling chemical processes. Its absence from the JV provides an opportunity to help scale PEF, despite its recent decrease in momentum.

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