Fulcrum BioEnergy to build second MSW-to-fuel facility in Indiana, U.S.

January 09, 2019
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Fulcrum is still building its first facility, the 10 million gallon per year (MGY) Sierra Biofuels project in Nevada, U.S., that is due to come online in 2020. This second facility, dubbed Centerpoint Biofuels, is expected to produce 33 million gallons of fuels per year using the same process (waste gasification followed by Fischer-Tropsch) and is due for 2022. While the majority of the fuel produced from Sierra Biofuels has been earmarked for the aviation sector, it is possible that Centerpoint Biofuels will be used to produce fuel for the road transportation sector. Clients should follow this project very closely as Fulcrum reveals more details.

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