Uber Elevate partner company Bell unveils a scale model of its VTOL air taxi concept, the Nexus, at CES

January 10, 2019
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by Chloe Holzinger
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Although news outlets are hailing the concept design as "surprisingly down-to-earth" and "realistic," these terms simply refer to the Nexus' hybrid-electric powertrain and lack of fully autonomous capabilities. While these features will certainly enable the Nexus to have a longer range than all-electric VTOLs and avoid some regulatory barriers; particularly in the U.S., the turbine engine will add significantly to the Nexus' noise emission profile, and the pilot requirement will force air taxi service operators to increase prices for passengers. Therefore, these factors may limit the Nexus' ability to operate as a true air taxi, and Bell may ultimately sell the Nexus to the military rather than Uber Elevate.

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