Shell acquires Greenlots

January 30, 2019
Owning the Energy Transition More...
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by Max Halik
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Shell New Energies recently acquired Greenlots, a leading EV charging network infrastructure developer. Greenlots has made news in the past for an investment from Energy Impact Partners, as well as being selected as the sole software provider for Volkswagen's network of fast chargers across the U.S. in its "Electrify America" project. This acquisition from Shell follows on the heels of recent moves by other O&G and utility players, such as the acquisition of eMotorWerks by Enel, G2mobility by Total, and Chargemaster by BP, as well as numerous other smaller investments in the space. Clients should regard EV charging as a particular hotspot area for investment activity, one from which the major developers are rapidly vanishing.

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