GranBio to restart cellulosic ethanol production in Brazil

February 06, 2019
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GranBio previously shut down all operations at its 21 million gallon per year (MGY) cellulosic ethanol facility that was launched in 2014 following complications with its biomass pretreatment unit. GranBio now plans to resume operations by producing 8 MGY of cellulosic ethanol in 2019 and 13 MGY in 2020. There are no details on whether GranBio made any modifications to its pretreatment unit; the company utilizes the now-defunct Beta Renewables' steam explosion technology. Clients should monitor GranBio closely but rein in expectations, as steam explosion has so far had a poor commercial track record in cellulosic ethanol production; the only two successful projects to date, Raízen and POET-DSM, both utilize dilute acid pre-treatment.

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