Statkraft's 1 GW VPP integrates renewable generation, energy storage, and flexible gas-powered systems

March 08, 2019
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by Jessica Hernandez
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Statkraft claims its virtual power plant (VPP) is the first one in the U.K. to aggregate wind and solar generation, flexible gas engines, and battery storage, which includes the 6 MW grid scale deployment announced in 2018. To accomplish this, Energy & Meteo Systems provides renewable generation forecasting and aggregating software, which already helps the Norwegian utility aggregate 12 GW in its VPP in Germany. Statkraft also mentioned that it plans to double its aggregated capacity in the U.K. by summer 2019. While Statkraft did not disclose where this additional capacity will come from, it is likely to be more large-scale renewable generation, which the company announced it is committed to continuing investing in, especially in Europe.

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