Viome and Helomics form partnership to personalize both therapy and nutrition for ovarian cancer patients

March 26, 2019
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by Thomas Hayes
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Personalized nutrition and precision medicine are two innovation areas sitting high up on our Lux 299, at 29 and 62, respectively, at the time of this writing. This is another event exemplifying how these areas are becoming more intertwined, most notably seen prior to this announcement when Medtronic acquired Nutrino last November. Putting the spotlight on Viome, this partnership shows it is interested in use cases along the entire health spectrum. It just acquired Habit from Campbell's last month, signaling that it may be more eager to please the consumer market. Our skepticism of Viome still remains the same, but this partnership does show how the interplay among nutrition, the microbiome, and disease is shifting the healthcare paradigm.

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