Saudi Aramco acquires 70% stake in SABIC for $70 billion, a move that will potentially power Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

April 01, 2019
Owning the Energy Transition
by Harshit Sharma
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Saudi Aramco's $69.1 billion move has been coming and is an example of the size of investments oil companies will make to maneuver the energy transition. Aramco's move insulates it from the volatility of the transportation fuel market as electric vehicles grow in penetration while also giving it a foothold in the commodity chemicals market. The deal will not be emulated by any of Aramco's peers in the near future, primarily due to the weight of investment and the potential threat of oversupply in the chemicals space as Aramco invests $500 billion in the decade ahead. What remains to be seen is where the Saudi Public Investment Fund invests this capital. Similar to the Norwegian oil fund, it will likely be diversified into non-oil sectors.

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