BTG-BTL announces second pyrolysis facility to be launched in Finland in 2020

April 11, 2019
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The facility will have a biocrude nameplate capacity of 20 million liters per year (approximately 5.3 million gallons per year [MGY]) and will use waste sawdust from a nearby mill as feedstock. The new facility appears to be a replica of its first 5.3 MGY Empyro facility launched in 2015 in the Netherlands and acquired by Twence in 2018; clients should therefore expect a capex of approximately $26 million and a production cost of $280 to $340 per ton of biocrude. Clients interested in pyrolysis should engage with BTG-BTL to request more information on its technology; while the company reached 100% nameplate capacity utilization at Empyro in October 2017, details about the upgrading of biocrude into a final fuel product remains fuzzy. 

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