Tyson Foods, participating in its own disruption, signals a change of plan by divesting Beyond Meat stake

May 2, 2019
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by Sara Olson
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The announced divestiture of Tyson's 6.52% stake in Beyond Meat came without a price disclosure, though given the recent hype around Beyond Meat's intended IPO valuation, it's likely that Tyson made an attractive return on its total $23 million investment in the alternative protein startup. The divestiture is tied to the company's plans to launch its own line of alternative protein products within a year. Tyson has been a proactive and enthusiastic participant in the disruption of its core markets by alternative proteins, and thanks to that willingness to reimagine itself as a protein company rather than a meat company, it is now best positioned among major meat companies to be a world leader in alternative proteins going forward.

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