Vodafone first in U.K. to launch 5G, advancing Europe into the race even as the U.S. pulls back

May 17, 2019
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Vodafone became the first to announce a 5G launch in the U.K., naming seven cities, including London, for July and another 12 for the end of the year. The announcement is noteworthy because the race to 5G has been limited to the U.S. and Asia in 2019. Additionally, Vodafone relies on Huawei, the Chinese supplier recently banned from the U.S. technology and service provider markets. Companies seeking to understand the early footprint of 5G can rest assured that Europe will be a fast follower after the U.S. and Asia and that the Huawei ban will not slow deployment, as Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung will pick up the slack. In the U.K., a similar ban on Huawei has been contemplated, but Vodafone is hedging its bets by also using Ericsson.

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