W.R. Grace acquires catalyst developer Rive Technology; a first in the fluid catalytic cracking space in years

June 17, 2019
Owning the Energy Transition
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by Harshit Sharma
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Having raised close to $80 million since its inception, chiefly from Saudi Aramco, Rive remained under the radar. Despite claims that the technology could increase margins for refiners by $3/bbl, a significant improvement, deployments of the molecular highway technology for fluid catalytic cracking catalysts remained undisclosed. The announcement from W.R. Grace has unveiled that the duo entered a joint development agreement in 2010, which explains Rive's low public momentum. Clients should view this acquisition as an indication of growing interest in refining technologies. Amid the energy transition, the role of the FCC unit will change from gasoline producer to olefin producer. Visit our Tech Page on fluid catalytic cracking for details.

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