BMW, China Unicom extend partnership to bring 5G C-V2X cars to market by 2021

July 25, 2019
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BMW China announced further partnership with China Unicom targeting the rollout of 5G-enabled C-V2X vehicles in the country by the automaker by 2021. The collaboration is part of a long-standing partnership between the companies and signifies another step toward China's goal of enabling C-V2X throughout the country. The C-V2X market is just starting in China with 4G connectivity in 2019. While the timing of the BMW rollout is in line with other countries' plans, China is expected to accelerate adoption as it moves to deploy 5G in 200 cities within the next few years. China may soon be one of the largest-scale locations for autonomous vehicles. This provides a strong target for automakers wishing to test C-V2X technology and business models.

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