Metamaterial Technologies (MTI) acquires MediWiSe; no products released to date

July 29, 2019
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by Cecilia Gee
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During our conversation in 2017, MTI said it was in the process of developing an MRI-related device and acquiring an undisclosed health company. Since acquiring MediWiSe in 2018, MTI changed tracks, and it is now working on a noninvasive glucose monitor, yet to be released. While metamaterials as a technology can be made sensitive to specific frequencies, there is a long development road ahead. Moreover, the medical market is difficult to penetrate, and this move will not reap short-term reward for a company arguably overfunded and constrained by investor demand. Clients can expect development of additional medical applications from the company, but be aware it competes with other noninvasive technologies on the market.

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