Woodside signs seven-year agreement with Schlumberger, marking one of the first publicly disclosed customers for the DELFI cloud platform

August 22, 2019
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Woodside claims it targets a 70% reduction in time spent on understanding and modeling the subsurface. The partnership with Schlumberger will enable this objective. The DELFI is a cloud-based E&P software that combines SLB's domain expertise with Google Cloud and hosts several applications, such as DrillPlan. DELFI's value propositions are higher data security, quicker computing, and higher collaboration for decision-making. On the surface, all solutions, be it DELFI or Antaeus or Landmark, appear to claim similar differentiators; however, the Woodside partnership puts SLB ahead in commercial success. Given that such platforms are web-based, clients should expect the industry to move from license-based to subscription-based business models.

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