Hyundai Motor Group unveils new prototype for car-mounted electric scooter

August 29, 2019
The Future of Mobility
by Chad Goldberg

Hyundai is not the first automaker to offer its take on an electric micromobility solution. Audi proposed a concept that combines a scooter with a skateboard, while BMW's product can be classified as a traditional, personal e-scooter. Notably, Hyundai and Audi both expect to integrate charging ports in accompanying vehicles, a competitive advantage over other products in terms of charging convenience and efficiency. While the prospect of charge-as-you-drive personal scooters is appealing, first- and last-mile mobility is mainly a problem for those who do not own cars but instead use public transit. We feel integrating scooters with cars would do little to help those struggling most with first- and last-mile mobility.

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