Spiber's long-awaited Moon Parka is finally going to launch... for ¥150,000... for 50 individuals in Japan

August 29, 2019
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by Gihan Hewage
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While the Moon Parka was initially expected to launch in 2016, challenges with both material performance and material production have delayed the product's launch until 2019. Fifty winners will be able to purchase the Moon Parka in Japan for ¥150,000 ($1,400), starting on December 12, 2019. Given the premium nature of spider silk and a parka meant to withstand harsh antarctic conditions, the high cost was not unexpected. However, given the Moon Parka's hype as the first major announced spider silk apparel product with an initially targeted launch date of nearly three years ago, this limited release of 50 units comes across as a disappointment.

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