Diamond Green Diesel planning for a second 400 MGY renewable diesel facility in less than a year

September 11, 2019
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In November 2018, Darling Ingredients approved the expansion of Diamond Green Diesel's (DGD's) Louisiana facility from 275 MGY to 675 MGY. Less than a year later, the Valero Energy and Darling Ingredients JV is undergoing an engineering review for another 400 MGY facility in Port Arthur, Texas. While the article states this would make DGD the owner of the largest renewable diesel facility and have the largest production capacity in its portfolio, Neste will expand its Singapore refinery to 720 MGY by 2022 and have a combined capacity of 1.4 BGY by 2025. In 2016, we identified renewable diesel as the most attractive investment opportunity for low-carbon fuels, and the industry continues to increase its activity in the space

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