Redefine Meat, developer of 3D printers for plant-based meats, raises $6 million seed round

September 16, 2019
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by Thomas Hayes

CPT Capital led the round, with Germany poultry company PHW Group also participating. Redefine Meat (formerly Jet-Eat) will use the funding to complete the development of its 3D printer system, scheduled for release in 2020. This comes within a week of the funding announcement for NovaMeat. Redefine Meat and NovaMeat are two of the three developers specifically targeting 3D printers for plant-based meats; the other is SavorEat. Much like 3D printing of food in general, this approach is only suitable for low-volume/high-value applications. Given that 3D printing of plant-based meats is essentially a niche within a niche, we do not recommend that clients engage with this space.

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