BTG-BTL announces third pyrolysis facility to be launched in Sweden in 2021 – this time for road transportation fuel

September 27, 2019
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This follows from a previous announcement this year for a new facility in Finland utilizing sawdust feedstock. This time, BTG-BTL will be working with Setra and Preem to pyrolyze waste wood feedstock from Setra into biocrude, which Preem will then co-refine with crude oil in its existing refineries to produce diesel with a bio-based component. The facility will have a capacity of approximately 6 MGY and will be BTG's first facility to produce road transportation fuel. To date, there is no pyrolysis facility producing diesel fuel at scale. If BTG-BTL succeeds, it will be the first to do so unless Ensyn reboots its long-dormant project with Andeavor (now part of Marathon Petroleum). 

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