Paboco emerges as new technology developer in Carlsberg's continued efforts for a fiber-based bottle following death of ecoXpac's founder

October 15, 2019
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by Gihan Hewage
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While Paboco's technology is largely the same as ecoXpac's, there is one significant difference in the construction of the bottle – Paboco uses plastic, as opposed to SiO2, for barrier properties, including PEF from partner Avantium. However, while they claim the layers can be easily separated for recyclability, we are skeptical of those claims given the challenges in recycling plastic-lined paper today and the likelihood that the companies aren't using any technology to allow for that separation. While the new company, partners, and prototypes suggests progress, there is still no concrete timeline for the launch of these bottles after the initial target of piloting in 2018.

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