L'Oréal announces its first paper-based cosmetics tube in collaboration with Albéa Packaging

November 07, 2019
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Coca-Cola, Absolut, and L'Oréal joined Carlsberg to form a JV with Paboco earlier this year in hopes of expediting the process of developing paper bottles. L'Oréal has also been working with Albéa Packaging and announced its first paper cosmetic tube packaging. The details of the composition and layers of the tube are not disclosed. It would likely be a coated paper substrate to hold the creams without absorption;  however, the coatings would interfere with the end-of-life recyclability of the tube with the current recycling infrastructure. Clients should recognize that while these announcements suggest progress, paper is not an ideal solution for replacing plastics; in fact, paper may create more problems.

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