Merck makes inroads into Chinese healthcare market in a strategic tie-up with China's largest healthcare player Ping An Good Doctor

December 06, 2019
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by Nardev Ramanathan
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The partnership will leverage Ping An Good Doctor's healthcare platform and rely on its unique service model of combining health IoT with AI and more than 1,000 in-house physicians with Merck's strong suite of personalized medicines. This isn't Merck's first partnership with a major local Chinese company. Last year, it inked a partnership with Alibaba Health to provide Chinese patients with better access to patient-centric healthcare services. We've highlighted previously how it's critical to find strong local partners to access large Asian markets like India and China. Merck is poised for success in penetrating the world's largest Asian market with its offerings, having partnered with the world's largest e-commerce and insurance companies.

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