KLM to use Neste's biojet fuel for all flights out of Schiphol Airport; Singapore Airlines likely next as it increases biojet fuel capacity

December 11, 2019
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A little over two months after setting up an office in Amsterdam, as predicted, Neste has inked a supply deal with KLM. This agreement is not exclusive, as KLM continues to purchase biojet fuel from U.S.-based World Energy (formerly AltAir), which currently supplies to United Airlines, until the SkyNRG project in Delfzijl comes online in 2022. The announcement also revealed Neste's current biojet fuel production capacity of 100,000 MT per year, which is about 4% of its total production capacity, and more economic use of refineries. It also alluded to an increase to 1 million MT by 2022, corresponding to its Singapore expansion coming online, likely resulting in an agreement with Singapore Airlines and a shift in product output globally.

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