Mattel follows in footsteps of Lego by announcing limited release of Mega Bloks made from Braskem's bio-based polyethylene

January 30, 2020
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by Gihan Hewage
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While Mattel did not disclose how many bio-based toys would be produced, the release is likely small, as it is limited to three items to be initially sold in Europe. Although Mattel says the blocks are combatible with existing Mega Bloks, it is unlikely that it will use bio-polyethylene (PE) to replace all the material used for Mega Bloks, in a similar manner to Lego's use of bio-PE for a limited release of its bricks. This announcement follows the same trend as the majority of Braskem's bio-PE customers and other brands announcing sustainable products – products are marketed as sustainable to take advantage of the sustainability craze but do not have a viable path to widespread adoption.

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