Neste invests in Sunfire for high-temperature electrolysis

March 10, 2020
Owning the Energy Transition
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Neste acquired a minority stake in Sunfire and will deploy high-temperature electrolysis for renewable hydrogen at one of its refineries. This is Sunfire's second partnership with an oil and gas major but Neste's first foray into electrochemistry. Just like its partnership with ReNewELP for co-processing syncrude oil from plastic, it appears Neste plans to use Sunfire's technology to decarbonize its oil and gas operations while still retaining use of its existing assets – this is a smart move, as electrolysis is a bridge technology between the renewable power and fuels sectors. Total and Shell are also launching similar projects – we expect to see even more in the coming year as oil and gas majors work toward carbon neutrality. 

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