Rolls-Royce expects 100-passenger hybrid-electric planes to be flying by 2029

March 12, 2020
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by Chloe Holzinger
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Of course, the key issue is not the existence of hybrid-electric commercial airliners but the level of hybridization and the length of the flight route. In these regards, Rolls-Royce CTO Paul Stein failed to add any specifics, saying only that the routes would be restricted to regional flights and that fully electric planes carrying 150 to 200 passengers would not be possible before 2030. These views are well-aligned with Lux's expectations for the electric aviation market. Today, even mild hybridization is inhibited by the size and weight of the required power electronics systems. Clients should expect that the hybrid-electric planes of 2030 will use lighter, smaller power converters and solid-state batteries for improved safety.

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