Norway's Civil Aviation Authority expects the country's first domestic scheduled flights with electrified aircraft to be in the air by 2030

March 12, 2020
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by Chloe Holzinger
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Norway has long been a proponent of electric transportation: It has consistently topped the charts with plug-in electric vehicle sales and has the world's highest penetration rate of plug-in electric vehicles. It now looks to do the same for aircraft, aiming for all domestic flights to be electrified by 2040. The new report by Avinor, the country's state company operating most airports, and the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority identifies a network of 16 airports inside the Arctic Circle as ideal first candidates for hosting these electric planes; these airports have daily commercial scheduled flights within a 350 km range. Clients should view Ampaire and Eviation as the best-positioned companies to take advantage of this market.

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