VW announces NMC 811 batteries, a tipping point for Ni-rich chemistry

March 24, 2020
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Li-ion batteries composed of Ni-rich cathodes, such as the NMC 811 VW announced it plans to use in 2020, are expected to comprise over half of the battery market in the next few years. First introduced in a handful of models in China, including the BMW X1 and Nio vehicles, VW's announcement is the first firm indication that vehicles outside of China will get the chemistry. Although the scale of its introduction was not discussed, Lux expects its ID line of vehicles – first the ID.3 and then ID.4 – to use the chemistry, followed by other new models in the future. Clients should view this as a tipping point for rapid adoption of NMC 811 in the coming years, as well as the coatings and electrolyte additives used to stabilize the chemistry.

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