Givaudan announces new product as part of its "natural" ingredients portfolio to combat digital stress

March 27, 2020
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by Drishti Masand and Kristin Marshall
Very important

This is not Givaudan's first skin microbiome-focused product – the company has been expanding its portfolio since 2018. Its new active ingredient uses gardenia fruit extract as a prebiotic. The product is specifically designed to regulate the microbiome to protect the skin from blue light, or high-energy visible (HEV) light. While there is certainly interest from consumers in bio-based or more "natural" products, this announcement highlights the growing demand for products that protect from external threats, with blue light being new to the scene. Companies targeting natural ingredients should follow Givaudan's example of putting performance first. Those that do will secure their place in the industry as being both innovative and "clean."

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