L'Occitane venture Duolab launches personalized, on-demand skin care technology in U.K.

March 31, 2020
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Personalization is a major trend in the skin care space that is being enabled by digital tools that can evaluate the skin in real time. Yet with personalization often comes increased cost and complexity, and Duolab's skin care system is no different. Owned by L'Occitane Group, Duolab uses a skin diagnostic tool in the form of an app that can assess the user's skin. The app will recommend a combination of ingredients from three moisturizing bases and five active concentrates. Users are trusted to load the correct combination of capsules into a specialized device to receive a monodose. At £250/device and between £60 and £112 month in capsules, it is unclear if consumers are ready or willing to accept the price and complexity of such a system.

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