Thermal energy storage developer Azelio pilots project with Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy on long-duration storage

April 13, 2020
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by Benjamin Torda
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The Swedish startup recently finished installing a demonstration project of its TES system at Masen's Noor Ouarzazate solar complex. Azelio's system stores thermal energy by melting recycled aluminum at near 600 °C. During discharge, heat is transferred from the aluminum phase-change material (PCM) using a heat transfer fluid that provides the heat to drive a Stirling engine. Azelio claims its system can provide between 100 kW and 100 MW and plans to reach volume production in 2021. Critically, Azelio and Masen claim the project will have a storage duration of up to 24 hours. Clients should realize low heat-to-power efficiency mean TES systems will only find suitable use cases in the power production sector for long-duration energy storage.

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