Starbucks rolls out new plant-based offerings in China with Beyond Meat, Oatly, and OmniPork (Green Monday)

April 22, 2020
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by Thomas Hayes
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This comes on the heels of KFC teaming up with Cargill for plant-based chicken in the same market. While that will be for select restaurants over a limited period of time, Starbucks will be making a permanent change across all of its China locations. There is major shift in momentum for plant-based alternatives in Asia, but Starbucks should also be looking to pair plant-based dairy and eggs with plant-based meats. Don't be surprised if it acts on this, perhaps in tandem with Just given its ambitious growth plans for China. Nevertheless, as food service outlets come back online in select markets like China, now is the time to launch new products through those channels, with consumers eagerly looking to return to their usual dining spots.

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