Siemens Gamesa to deploy its new 14 MW offshore wind turbine in U.S. and Taiwan

May 27, 2020
Last Updated:
May 27, 2020
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by Patricia Seoane da Silva
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Building upon its 11 MW turbine, the new addition to Siemens Gamesa's catalog is the largest offshore wind turbine announced to date. This turbine features a 222 m rotor diameter and is rated at 14 MW, though it can potentially reach 15 MW thanks to the company's Power Boost function. A prototype of this model will be installed in Denmark in 2021. Additionally, Siemens Gamesa will supply its 14 MW turbines to Dominion's 2.6 GW Coastal Virginia project in the U.S. (the country's largest installation) and the upcoming 300 MW Hai Long 2 project in Taiwan. This event reopened the debate on wind turbine size; while 14 MW to 15 MW turbines are expected to gain traction, larger capacities face the risk of not being economically viable. 

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