Solar Electric Solutions installs largest second-life battery storage project in U.S.

June 16, 2020
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by Tim Grejtak
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Solar Electric Solutions, a solar project developer, and its affiliate second-life battery company B2U have completed installation of a 1.2 MWh pilot stationary energy storage system using 200 Nissan Leaf batteries. Final target capacity is 17 MWh and will use 2,000 batteries. The battery system is paired with a 8.5 MW solar facility and will provide firm capacity, arbitrage, and ancillary services to Southern California Edison. This is both companies' first second-life battery project. With its low-value LMO cathodes not meriting recycling and large sales volumes, Nissan Leaf batteries are a common second-life battery. Clients should expect second life to play a niche role, especially as more recycling options become available.

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